It is necessary for you to understand how a towing company charges so you won’t feel that you’ve been ripped off by the service provider. Towing service providers usually classify their services as a short distance and long distance towing, which is why you may be charged differently each time.

Towing in Clifton, NJ

By understanding these concepts, you’ll better understand why there seem to be cheap towing services and why there are very expensive ones. Read on to understand why you should settle for either whenever you require towing in Clifton, NJ.

What is Long Distance Towing?

Long distance towing is required if you need to haul your vehicle from one long point to another. That means towing to other states and cities. You’ll need this service if you’re driving across the country and suddenly your car breaks down and you need help. It is also the type of service that you require in case you want to bring your truck from one state to another without driving it.

Long distance towing is a service that requires the tow truck to run at least 30 miles to reach one point. Mainly because of the complexity and length of the job, this towing is kind of expensive. If this is the type of service that you need, it is best that you scout the ones that can provide you with the most reasonable prices. Needless to say, you have to check towing companies as early as now because you never really know when you’ll need them.

What is Short Distance Towing?

Short distance towing is, of course, the opposite of long-distance towing. Here, the service provider is going to haul your car from one point to another within the city bounds. This is the type of service that most people need. Usually, the service providers also offer roadside assistance in complement to their towing services to handle minor vehicle issues. That way, you can immediately get back on the road and won’t have to pay too much.

The mileage here is way much shorter, normally below 30 miles. Consequently, the price of this service is relatively lower because the project can be completed much faster. It also won’t require as much manpower or labors as long-haul towing would.

How to Ensure Your Safety on the Road

Getting your car towed due to an unfortunate incident or unpleasant surprise is a stressful experience. You surely want to examine your vehicle before going out to possibly eliminate the possibility that you need a towing service while on the road. Even so, keep the number of the towing company that you have chosen so in case of emergency, you know the people to call.

That goes without saying that you need to find yourself a towing company as early as now. Don’t wait until you really need one before you look for one. If you’re caught in the middle of a stressful situation unsure what to do, you’re likely to hire the first towing company that you see and that’s where the problem occurs.