Dryer Vent is a part of your dryer that releases the initiated air heated inside the dryer being pulled in by electric energy and fanned out through the vent. The air being fanned out then travels through the vent going to the outdoors. If you have no vent, and the moisture from the dryer is released inside of the house, it can cause mold formations and air conditioning issues.

Generally, not a lot of people know this but you should get dryer vents maintained and cleaned. There should be a dryer vent inspection semiannually or as frequent as you must.

Here is a couple of FAQ’s about Dryer Vent Cleaning and Maintenance:

1. Are there Dryer Vent Cleaning Services? What do they do?

Yes! There are Dryer Vent Maintenance and Cleaning services. Professional Dryer Vent Services will inspect the amount of debris and lint inside of your vent. They will also be measuring the heat of the airflow inside the vent using a specific thermometer before it is cleaned and after to see the difference in efficiency. Besides cleaning your Dryer Vent, during the process they also give you tips and advice on proper Dryer Vent Maintenance.

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2. How are they going to clean my dryer vent?

A lot of professionals use advance equipment specially made for dryer vent cleaning. These include spinning brushes and motor vacuums. This brush equipment is used to soften and loosen up the built-up debris. Vacuums composed of three motors that pull out the debris and lint.

3. Why is it important to have my dryer vent cleaned?

Inspections are necessary because of the constructions of modern households. The houses are usually constructed with a laundry room away from the outside and even though this is very convenient it’s actually more costly than effective. It can be very dangerous and hazardous health-wise and safety-wise.

Also, sometimes, little birds and critters like crawling in these vents because the lint act like a small nest. It’s warmer and softer and very ideal for small wildlife.

4. How frequent do I need to have my dryer vent inspected and cleaned?

As per the organizations that are in charge of fire safety, we are suggested to have our dryer vents cleaned annually or when necessary if you use it more frequently. Dryer Vent’s maintained properly will not only guarantee efficiency, it’s also keeping your home safe from possible fire outbreaks and minimizing your monthly electricity bills by reducing the time garnered for drying your clothes.

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